WL//WH Track Of The Day : JOURS “Trick”

Track Of The Day

From the vibrant, burgeoning Copenhagen underground music scene, where a class of new bands, yet mostly under the radar, are carving out their own path in jangle, indie pop, shoegaze and post-punk territories, and only in recent weeks have spotlighted excellent new releases from The Oceans and Alcabean, come power trio JOURS with their debut single “Trick” via fellow Danish We Are Suburban imprint, first fruit of the band’s vigorous, melodic guitar-driven rock sound, fanned by equal parts post-punk and indie pop elements.

Blazing with the same warm fire of early REM fronted by a punchy British singer, right from the starting gate “Trick” bursts with astonishing rush of cracking energy and fervent exuberance, not without a subtle hint of dark disillusionment, propelled by thundering rhythms and hypnotic, dazzling 12-string jangly guitar melodies, as smug, swaggering vocals warp and flow imbued with dishonest intentions and trickery trapped in a vicious cycle of doomed love and broken hearts.

Fulminant debut!