WL//WH Track Of The Day: JOAO “Women And Their Market Value”

Track Of The Day JOAO

After yesterday’s familiar shoegaze warmth, it’s the turn of the familiar Dark Wave coldness from the one-man band led by AmericanPeruvian artist based in Minneapolis, Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida under his Joao moniker.

Following last March’s Spanish language Self-Titled debut album via Lima‘s independent label InClub Records, Joao returns with the first ‘American’ single, “Women And Their Market Value”, from a still-in-progress sophomore full-length. 

Equal parts wistful and introspective, rippled by chiaroscuro autumnal hues, Joao‘s intense and dark sound draws from the emotional-charged gloomy essence of 80s Post-punk adorned with terse and moody New Wave atmospherics.

“Women And Their Market Value”, lyrics wise, blends intimate reflection and ambient metaphor into a captivating romantic poem that captures the tumultuous, conflicting feelings ignited by a significant other.

Urgent beats, alongside rapid pulsating bass rumblings, effortlessly ride the angst-ridden meandering vibrancy underlay by the unremitting heavily effect-laden wiry layers of glistening guitar lines desperately echoing and chiming, stabbed by remote foreboding blows, atop emotionless austere vocals, stirring anger and melancholy into a solemn daze of heartbroken dreams.

The limited CD edition of Joao‘s Self-Titled debut LP is going to be released on October 30, 2022 via InClub Records.

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