WL//WH Track Of The Day: JOAO “Small Death”

Track Of The Day JOAO

Deftly harnesses the most somber and introspective ’80s New Wave/Post-punk-inspired elements, built on atmospheric guitars, broody bass, enveloping synths and profound melancholic harmonies, the Peruvian band Joao, made of musician & composer Mauricio Málaga Fuenzalida on guitar and vocals and Luis Miguel Peña Maceda on bass and backing vocals, have dropped the new single “Small Death”, the first excerpt from the upcoming “Rock City Park” EP via fellow independent label InClub Records.

“Small Death” suggests that during grief, one should fully release all deep-seated emotions, like a landslide, rather than holding part of them inside.

A chugging, skittering drum machine and humming basslines speckle the lonely fluctuations in the unfathomable depths of an empty soul, pervaded by obsessively glistening yet intrinsically leaden guitar reverberations, layered with dramatic liquid synth sweeps, to surround, with piercing intensity, haunted, pain-filled baritone vocals, suffering in the isolation of murky well.

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