WL//WH Track Of The Day: JELLY THE ASTRONAUT “Nothing Better”

Track Of The Day jelly the astronaut

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often, yet might be a good thing because you value it the most, when turn up in your inbox something special, that tickles your fancy for its invaluable heartfelt DIY approach and, in this case, also glimpses of a distinctive and promising creative and subtle talent.

The quite anonymous Italian one-man bedroom project based in Milan, Jelly the Astronaut, ‘is the result of loneliness and thoughts in a rented room’.

A few weeks ago, Stefano, this is his name, debuted simultaneously with two singles, the first, the winding and aerial cymbal-charged synthwave number “Halfway Happy”, the second, the one that interests us most, ‘Nothing Better’ dubbed by the author as ‘the best part of us, seasoned with analog synthesizers, as imposed by the dark wave manifesto’, floats with obscure, spacious and moody electronic tapestries meshing repetitive propulsive rhythmic patterns with layers of Joy Division or The Sound alike, crystalline icy cold synthetic strings.

Unremitting steady taut snares mechanically tread, punctuated by lilting reverberations of rhythmic terse glitch, along with ominously pulsing plaintive bassline, awash by oscillating glacial and mesmeric swathes of blinding deep airy textures, that build slowly in claustrophobic intensity and dread-infused anxiety, overflowing like a deadly night bloom, sparsely swept by frozen anguished gusts of glassy glowing synth, whilst a distant, reverb-cloaked voice fades in and out screwed down in a timeless tension, echoing into the vast bleak oblivion of an isolated existence.

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