WL//WH Track Of The Day: JE T’AIME “A Million Suns”

Track Of The Day JE T’AIME

Popped up in the Spring of 2018 with the explosive first single “The Sound”, Paris-based cold post-punk 3-piece, made of Dany Boy, Tall Bastard and Crazy Z, struck back this April with the equally brilliant “Dance”, enhanced appetites for the announced self/titled debut full-length.

While not shying away from their early 80s influences, the 11 tracks are filled with sharp, bleak yet fresh post-punk at its finest and sheer form, instantly catchy while fully maintaining its grit and edge from the first to the last note, releasing all its energy and emotional charge, to create hopelessly magnetic, fascinating and gloomy atmospheres blending glassy synths, blistering guitars, spine-tingling bass, propulsive drumbeats and anguished vocals.

Amazingly oscillating between synth-driven atmospheric new wave (“Hide & Seek”) and synth-pop (“Spyglass”) to tense guitar and bass charged post-punk (“C​+​+” and “Fuck Me”), of the latter “A Million Suns” is definitely one of my favourites.

Swirling resonant, enrapturing wistful flanged guitar leads and relentless slithering and pulsating deep bassline, anchored by steady driving beats, awash by airy dreary synth swells, ebb and flow with brisk adrenaline-fuelled vigour and danger, as passionate Robert Smith-esque whimsical vocals exude an unnerving sense of excitement and fear.

Living on the edge fuels the rush in a game of fast cars, big risks, and huge rewards pushing people farther than they imagined while sealing their fate in greed and lust.  

The confidence and swagger JE T’AIME‘ songs exude stem from the deep passion, desire and heartfelt sincerity of a truly talented band cannot be faked and overlooked.

The self-titled debut album is out now on Digipack CD via Manic Depression Records and Vinyl 12“ via Icy Cold Records.

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Photo by @anaisnovembre