WL//WH Track Of The Day: JAQOBIN “Turning”

Track Of The Day  JAQOBIN

About two years have passed since the compelling drum machine-led downtempo debut “Screw It” by the Pomona, California-based solo project of composer, producer, guitarist and singer Jaq Miranda, under his Jaqobin nome de plume, and, although in the space of a handful of singles, the intriguing crossover sound, meticulously built around his trusted band, made of bassist Selvin Ceron and guitarist Alberto Gaytan, joined lately by the propelling drumming of Mateo Flores, seems increasingly leaning, at least in the latest couple of forays, to riff-laden Alternative Rock, Shoegazing realms, while the Darkwave and Post-punk bents still linger in the background, to find a fluid balance between atmospherics and dynamics, constantly replete with a resonant emotional weight.

The just dropped “Turning”, the first single taken from the anticipated upcoming EP “Shift”, deals, lyrically, with a troubled soul who struggles to gain ground against a merciless loved one.

Reminiscent of the equally surreal and moody, as well as droney and intense, hazy/heavy vibes, laced with hopeless romanticism, of bands such as Deftones, Nothing and Smashing Pumpkins, the dark, stirring and anguished “Turning” is driven by a vibrant interplay between a steady busy drum groove and distorted and ringing guitar layers, floating, somberly free-flowing, lacerated by pain-fueled excruciating surges, to keenly echo soft, distressed grovelling vocals, shifting into aching pain-filled cries, amid drastic boisterous eruptions of turbulent visceral emotions.

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