WL//WH Track Of The Day: JAQOBIN “Screw It”

Track Of The Day  JAQOBIN

We’re all screwed. Born screwed. So screw it. And screw you too

Although the cover made me think of Big Black-style gritty noisemakers, JAQOBIN, the Pomona, California based solo project by composer, producer, guitarist and singer Jaq Miranda, with the deft contribution of bassist Selvin Ceron, judging by his just dropped debut single, titled “Screw It”, delivers a vibrant, introspective and groovy sound, equally retro and modern, grounding together elements of post-punk, new wave and shoegaze into an intoxicating unconventional formula, through captivating and emotive somber melodies, carried by hypnotic seductive, snaking, funk-like bass vibrations of Karn-esque rubbery fretless quality, beamed by ethereal chiming guitars, underlying simmering, angsty soulful vocalizations and dark lyrical nihilistic dread.

Terse lashing beats, interspersed by retro thudding syncopated toms, underpin a lithe round bassline that uncoils, wanders, wobbles, and throbs, brimming with groovy and wistful emotional depth, encircled by alienating synth glows, as it chases and overlaps relentlessly with effect-laden sparkling guitar strains and melancholic, introspective vocals aching, brooding, and suffering in the excruciating agony of impending doom.

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