Track Of The Day Japanese Heart Software

Japanese Heart Software, the solo music project of the former lead guitarist and singer of the disbanded Melbourne-based synthpop 4-piece VIM, Nat Chappy, returns with the brand new single “Soft”, the title track from the upcoming album, a uniquely harmonious and intoxicating slice of dream-pop charm, rife with introspective emotions and mesmerizing melodic sensibility, coated with outer shimmering and radiant synth-laden realms, simultaneously rippled by syncopated rhythms, hazy reverb and lingering dark and wistful moods.

Lyric-wise “Soft” confesses smothering fears and obsessive anxieties over a Summer fling.

At first, like the one from the cover, an irresistibly tempting and daintily elaborate decadent slice of cake, garnished with a hypnotic soft rhythmic section sponge and glazed by swirling nostalgic chiffons of airy winding synth, melting deceptively in a tantalizing succulent lush lure, tormented by subtly crusty, digging and groovy guitar coils of humming subdued distortion to underlie dreamy, nervous vocals, layered with delicious icy syrupy cherry back-ups, to long in the agony and ecstasy of angsty isolation and impending doom.

Once again Miss Nat Chappy hits all the right notes of every pop sweet tooth, dangerously undermining our ideal weight.

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