WL//WH Track Of The Day: JACKSON VANHORN “Garden”

To be honest, I didn’t know Indianapolis‘ multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Jackson VanHorn, but last Sunday’s casual find of his new single “Garden” was more than enough to fully capture my attention and dig his excellent end of 2017 debut album “Blood”.
“Garden, a song about the end of a turbulent relationship, starts with the best bits of Tears For Fears in a perfect balance between acoustic and synthetic sounds. Poignant piano notes, mournful and melancholic synth swells underlined his wounded, confessional vocals laced with pain suffering and loss, encapsulating the subtle gloomy, tense and dramatic mood at the realization that the garden they planted has stopped growing, just like their relationship, it’s dead.
A refined and intense song that combined irresistible disenchanted melodies with intimate restlessness in dark and passionate poetry of aching beauty.
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