WL//WH Track Of The Day: ISOCULT “Moth”

Track Of The Day ISOCULT

Isocult, the nuanced Wave duo based in Dortmund, Germany, have dropped their second evocative single, “Moth”, from their upcoming EP.

One of their most impulsive songs ever written, according to the band, “Moth” incorporates sonic elements of moody, haunted Dark Wave, rattling Industrial, and swirling Shoegaze, into an intense and mesmerizing claustrophobic journey built on the dizzy dramatic fusion and alternation of deep shadows and flashing lights, to evoke a dark poem, full of fear and confusion, about losing touch with a loved one.

The track is driven by increasingly tight, clattering and pounding rhythmic patterns, laced with rolling hypnotic kicks and ominous churning bass tones, surrounded by reverberating screeching sparkling blankets of effect-laden plaintive guitar strains, ringing out with spectral desolation atop lost, fragile distraught vocals casting resonant echoes of angst and shame.

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