WL//WH Track Of The Day: IRENE DE MILO “Synth-Glass”

Track Of The Day  Irène de Milo

The name Irène de Milo appeared, as far as I know, at the beginning of the summer as guest vocalist in the debut 4 tracker from Brittany‘s coldwave / synthwave collaborative project Premier Mouvement, made of Brestois Jean-Marc le Droff (Egoprisme) and Rennais Boris Völt (Mode In Gliany).

And precisely the latter accompanies (drum machine, synths and guitars) her new solo venture in the form of the just-released debut EP “Toujours à l’ouest”, part 1 of a diptych.

Four moody and compelling songs where detached and disconnected vocals get lost into obsessive rhythms, sinisterly pulsating bassline and piercing guitar strains to infuse seething intense energy and deep emotional hues to cold synthetic atmospheric textures that ebb and flow amidst obstinate reiterations, dangerous dismal oscillations, and urgent aching ascensions to encapsulate a hypnotic cinematic black & white journey through muggy, melancholic, and brooding soundscapes, tattered with isolation, fear, and shattered fate, that emerge and envelope dramatically like a thick ghostly blanket bearer of dark apocalyptic resonances, extreme restlessness and penetrating tension.

The evocative opening “Synth-Glass” uncoils frenzied, forlorn, tinkling arpeggio chimes that fluctuate ceaselessly, interlarded by cadenced humming bass pulses along with lashing hard-hitting beats and clipping claps, while dramatic and resonant bright church organ-like keys swell and flutter with urgency, echoing disconnected lost wanderings, atop of cold, detached, airy female vocals dancing with soft eerie male whispers in a haunting exchange of ghastly emotions.

Irene De Milo‘s superb debut EP “Toujours à l’ouest” is out now on Bandcamp. Check it out!

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