WL//WH Track Of The Day: INTO HER FINAL SLEEP “Hollow”

Track Of The Day Into Her Final Sleep

Avoiding a too easy irony, the elusive musician from Hell, Michigan, Steven Ward, even if he could have been seemingly involved first in an enigmatic act based in Germany called Her Blood In My Veins, started in 2016 under the Aerma moniker characterized by industrial electronic leanings starting from the gravelly vocals and metallic clanging rhythms, 3 singles, the last one at the end of 2017, to disappear then to re-appear this October/November with the EP “Vevo”, which has also been joined by the new project intriguingly called Into Her Final Sleep.

As the name hints, Into Her Final Sleep veers to a more introspective, atmospheric and brighter dark sound laced with coldwave vibes, rattling drum machines, sharp pervasive blinding synthesizers, sullen post-punk bass pulses, and shoegazey effect-laden guitar textures to create shimmering moods shaded by fragile outlines of winding melancholy and anguish on which wander tormented disjointed slurs hard to decipher, that we can let our imagination run free.

The new alias seems to be on an inspirational streak, after last week’s excellent first “Persemone” EP, is immediately followed by a couple of compelling singles.

“Hollow” chases occult dances and ghostlike somber atmospheres impelled by snappy and crispy drum machines that thump ceaselessly through an undulating elastic round bassline infusing murmuring sorrow, awash by dazzling drifts of reverb-drenched guitar drones, while piercing wistful bright synth whirls resound and persist over melancholic mumbling laments to wrap lost emotions around echoing whispers of secret agony, hanging desperately unbalanced between shadows of doubt and hopelessness, submerged by the cosmic desolation of life.

Let’s hope Into Her Final Sleep is still got a lot of strings to his bow,

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