WL//WH Track Of The Day: INTO GREY “Poison”

Track Of The Day  Into Grey

Not an easy task to choose a song from the eponymous EP of INTO GREY, the post-punk/coldwave solo project based in Columbus, Ohio.
Although clearly inspired by the UK post-punk of the early 80s, namely Joy Division and Factory sound, comprised of melodic, menacing yet enticing throbbing basslines, along with moody, chiming guitars and propulsive rhythm patterns, augmented by hauntingly intensive vocals, represent a real delight for those who worship a certain raw, gloomy and minimal post-punk sound, that is as much a derivative as it could be, but who isn’t nowadays, remains a remarkable debut with no fillers.

“Poison” is the more subtly depressing, introspective, and in some way mesmerizingly melancholic and lyrical of the lot.

Mechanical, infinitely repetitive, hollow drumbeats set full-bodied deep melody-carrying bassline pulsing unremittingly, injecting ominous layers of despondent agonizing pain, against swelling sparkling guitar chord loops along a dense intersection of lights and shadows, as obsessive mournful and piercing guitar lines needle towards the pitch-black darkness of a man’s soul over tired drained, depleted male vocals, subtly infused with sad, angry regret, become lost in an empty hopeless tragedy with “nothing within, nothing left to ruin, no role to stain.”

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