WL//WH Track Of The Day: INSEPULTO “Falsía”

Track Of The Day Insepulto

Heavily influenced, both in the sound and lyrics, by the gloomy, melancholic and solemn atmospheres of Joy Division, Colombian darkwave / post-punk duo Insepulto based in Medellín, comprised of Tom Cardona ( Vox and Guitar) & Rudy Tuberquia (Machines), create a dynamic and poignant mix of darkwave and post-punk sound brimming with emotional angst and bleak urgency.

“Falsía”, the seventh in the string of singles since last May, is fueled by introspective lyrics that linger in doomsday thoughts of low self-worth, bad luck, and the inability to be happy.

Hypnotic pounding snare beats intertwine relentlessly with a tight bouncing bassline to spur the galloping dance-inducing rhythm into a murky morose blanket of doom and sorrow, achingly pierced by sharply searing guitar slivers underlined by dull pulsing low ends, around deadened robotic vocals rambling monochromatic grief into the dismal grind of suffering.

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