WL//WH Track Of The Day: INDUSTRIAL WAIST “Fall Right Through“


Industrial Waist is the Post-Punk/Darkwave/ Shoegaze one-man project created by Richmond, VA-based musician Tyler Gorham, focused on recording/producing genre-blending music that’s raw and unfiltered.

I was about to deal with last week’s more shimmering and somberly reflective, equally broken-hearted, “Lover’s Mausoleum”, suffused with elegiac tones, but here’s the brand new track “Fall Right Through“.

A mesmerizing, somehow lulling, profoundly poignant dirgey harmonious cacophony that mechanically sways over steady hypnotic beats and murky looping bass throbs, whilst sparkling guitar chords reverberate obsessively, stirring the air of an eerie vibrant trance of pain, swept by wandering lonesome drifts of glaring keyboard desolation, over gravely ghostly vocals, alternating with emotionally alienated cries and haunted baritone hums, to invoke longing and heartache from relentless layers of traumatic despair.

A stripped-down, intimate and emotional song, thoroughly able of pulling beauty from pain.

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