WL//WH Track Of The Day: INDIGO RANCH “Hard Gloss”

Track Of The Day  INDIGO RANCH

Indigo Ranch is the music project of Philadelphia-based duo Emily Eichelberger (Vocals, Guitar, Programming) and John Pyle (Bass, Programming), who debuted in 2021 with a self-released cassette EP “Love Or Perish”, which went rather unnoticed, immersed in a tape noise-saturated fusion of mid-tempo Industrial Post-punk and Dream Pop, seemingly influenced by the likes of Coldreams, Cocteau Twins, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Black Tambourine.

Recorded by the band in their studio in 2022, mixed with Jeff Zeigler and mastered by Mikey Young, Indigo Ranch‘s forthcoming eagerly awaited debut album “Hard Gloss”, while remaining true to their distinctive DIY lo-fi aesthetics, judging by the first teaser, “Spectre”, seems to have lightened the possibly too thick and heavy blanket of oppressive drones from their inception, as well as adding, in this case, Joy Division-like moody bass tones and early Banshees guitar crunch.

Deeply disturbed lyrics observe another acting out an unnatural ‘script of satisfaction’ that leads to Hell.

Fuelled by the overarching sense of anguish that seeps through a relentless tape hissing along with lilting taps, to provide the hypnotic rhythmic backbone, stretched by a moody, desperately chugging bassline, scythed out by a constant distorted barrage of pain-filled abrasive guitar loops on which unfurls penetrating, dismal magnetic vocals, building up a droning and exhausting crescendo of intense haunted anxiety that will not explode ever.

Indigo Ranch‘s ‘perfect rainy day glum’ debut album, “Hard Gloss”, will be released, in ltd. Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, on May 31, 2024, via Chicago‘s independent label Happy Families.

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