WL//WH Track Of The Day: II PILLARS “Tonight”

Track Of The Day  II Pillars

As we are used to, we don’t know much about the enigmatic duo based in Los Angeles, ll PILLARS, albeit this time we can afford the luxury of having three, although skimpy, social links, curiously started in 2018, a couple of photographs, and even their names: Liz and Victor, from which we learn the band will soon release their debut EP, previewed by the first single, “Tonight”, discovered the other day on Soundcloud.

Echoing the sparkling guitar sound of the darkwave and gothic rock from the 80s, “Tonight” unfurls narrative lyrics to unveil a romantic seduction of souls looking for love “Tonight.”

Replete with brooding, sensual and magnetic vibes, tumultuous lashing, heart-driving beats, interspersed by dry tinny slaps, swiftly throb together with a bleak relentless warbling bassline, laced with swaying, wistful jangly guitar melodies frenetically rippling the sultry, nocturnal anxious wishes reverberating the simmering souls of beautifully synced male/female vocals, to release urgent breathless passions of falling hums and obsessive angst into the uncertain dangers of uninhibited desire.

An excellent way to introduce their EP.

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