WL//WH Track Of The Day: IF SO WHY “Indifference is Futile”

Track Of The Day  IF SO WHY

Formed in 2019 after the demise of their previous group Lost Talk, Melbourne based 4-piece If So Why are about to release their debut EP “World Eater” due out on August 6, recorded prior to the 2020 city lockdown.

The band deliver a raw, bursting, rather captivating guitar-driven mixture of post-punk and noise-rock poised between the angular noise aesthetics of Sonic Youth, Live Skulls, and Swans, and the restless geometries of the Wire and Mission of Burma slightly sprinkled with post-rock ala Mogwai on speed, all empowered by neurotically and deliriously passionate, somehow gripping Life Without Buildings-like female vocalizations.

“Indifference Is Futile” is the second preview brimming with psychological lyrics that observe the arrogant ignorance that lies at the heart of conformity and the struggle to be kind in the face of its failure.

Screechy, abrasive sheets of guitar riffage electricity, clothed with blaring and sharp, at the same time restrained, edges, wander in a hypnotic balance of intense immediacy and angsty introspection over whining lacerated distorted progressions, fueled by an unrelenting drumming constantly in strung out off-tempo fibrillation and a dense punchy bassline, atop confrontational, exaggerated, tortuous spoken-word female vocals rising and falling in frustrated causticity and rebellious energy, to soar breathless through the superficiality of self-deception.

If So Why‘s 7-track debut EP “World Eater” is slated for release, Cassette & Digital, from August 6. Pre-order details over the band’s Bandcamp page. Pre-orders will ship early.

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Photo by Peter Cahill