WL//WH Track Of The Day: IEGERLER “Endı bärıbır / It’s the same now”

Track Of The Day IEGERLER

I accidentally came across a couple of bands from Kazakhstan in the past, but never in such a fresh and captivating fashion as the debut single by Kazakh Post-Punk, or perhaps better Qazaqsha Post-Punk solo project, iegerler.

Stripped down, yet energetic and somberly melodic the song is enhanced by a soulful raspy voice, like a slightly baritone version of Joe Strummer, that utterly exudes deep tension, despair and angst.

Confessional lyrics brood in aloof anger from unrectified feelings of mental abandonment.

Invigorated by a steady throbbing underpin of brisk rhythms and a wistful limber bassline, a vibrant stray of ringing strummed guitar riffs layer with sparkling jangly swells, to carry restrained simmering tension around emotional echoing vocals, drifting blurrily into downward echoes of spiralling misery.

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