WL//WH Track Of The Day: IDLER WHEEL “Matches”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  Idler Wheel

Boston, Massachusetts based Noise Rock one-man band, Idler Wheel, led by musician, composer, and producer Michael Boylan, has unveiled over the weekend the first single, “Matches”, from his upcoming third album, “Run Straight Down”, scheduled to be released on fellow independent label Candlepin Records at the end of May,

Lyric-wise the song deals with guilty confessions releasing regret and fear into an angsty ecstatic escape from the claustrophobic tension of a doomed relationship.

A moody and introspective combination of turbulent scatter-burst shoegaze riffage, brooding meandering post-punk sprinkled with echoes of sizzling Hüsker Dü melancholy, “Matches” ignites a shape-shifting, noisy, and buzzing 6-string-fuelled slow burn that seethes through a palpitating throbbing fuzz-laden rush, lead by steady and propulsive drumming and lithe swelling basslines, to provide a persistent droning vibrancy to the expansive churning of distorted guitar waves, that ring ceaselessly with an obsessive distressing alarm pitch, to soar with sorrowful shivering leads over muffled husky vocals, aching and longing in excruciating mental tragedies, whilst ultimately falling heartless, along with a swooning release of seemingly serene yet hopeless reflective harmonies, into a merciless blaze of disenchantment and remorse.

Idler Wheel‘s third LP, “Run Straight Down”, is due out, Cassette & Digital, on May 27, 2022, via Candlepin Records.

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