WL//WH Track Of The Day : ICY MEN “Love Hate Anguish”

Track Of The Day

A couple of months ago I posted on Facebook the video of “A Pack Of Cigarettes” and I was quite impressed by it. I thought to start soon a column about Eastern Europe bands and the Ukranian post-punk/coldwave duo from Kyiv/Kiev, called Icy Men would have been among the first entries, but when today I was listening to their debut album “The Queen Of Sorrow” I completely realize how bloody great is and, while I really should have find the time to finally start the column, “Love Hate Anguish” is definitely my track of the day, by far!

Propelled by the combined force of tight synthetic beats and an ominous pulsating bass line, incredibly powerful and evocative, the achingly deep baritone voice glides over icy and piercing synth layers and clanging guitar providing a gloomy and hypnotic sense of desolation and agony, when you don’t feel absolutely anything, even the pain, just an hole within.

Dark, dense, minimal, moving, harsh and deeply cold, even danceable, just beautiful.

Icy Men‘s “The Queen Of Sorrow” is definitely an album to dig and dig in the coming months and spread its darkness around.

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