WL//WH Track Of The Day: ICI DIX-SEPT “Cascades”

Track Of The Day  ICI DIX-SEPT  

Arrived at their self-released third EP, synthetically titled “III”, French trio, ICI DIX-SEPT, based in Besançon, craft equally sparkling and hazy, heady synthpop, elegantly walking the line with new wave and post-punk, driven by crispy mechanical drum machines and visceral bass throbs, wrapped in reverb-drenched piercing guitar strains and scintillating and energetic lush synth swells, topped off with purely vibrant emotional vocal heft full of expressive moods veering from the highest hopes to the saddest touches of melancholy.

Lyric-wise“Cascades” unfolds a modern dystopic metaphor that draws isolation, fear, and sadness from the elemental forces of the universe, to describe the schism that lies between the fantasy of dreams and the harsh realities of wakefulness.

A brief tinkling deceptive atmospheric intro fades, haunted by an unremitting undulating low end that ominously rumbles and buzzes, amid scattered lashing beats, whilst cold glowing synths swirl, flash and roam with dramatic and wistful intensity atop airy, nostalgic female vocals swaying between high-pitched soaring intensities with dreamy, sad emotional longings and airy hums to rise and fall in a breathless array of tragic beauty.

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