WL//WH Track Of The Day: HYLA “Known To Fall”

Track Of The Day HYLA

About three years from the debut LP “Osaka” released in September 2017, Perth-born, relocated to Melbourne, trio are going to drop their sophomore album, the last of which, “Known To Fall”, in these days.

The project started around 2014 by expert musician Alex Hayes, with the addition of Rob Stephens and Michael Antonas, patiently and carefully crafted a timeless and nostalgic songwriting of a distinctive hazy dreamlike melodic quality, with a heady balance amidst nostalgic spirals of enveloping wistful atmospheric dream-pop, swells of distorted, layered psych/shoegaze leanings and cold and sombre palpitating post-punk undercurrents.

A slightly abrasive, punchy guitar strums steadily, sustained by the grinding gloom of bleak meandering bassline pulsations and tinny, lashing syncopated rhythms, whilst a swarm of icily mournful glowing synth strings glide over high bewildered, pensive male vocals, counterpointed by achingly ethereal reverberated harmonies, desperately falling into a fluctuating hazy brood of dreamy melancholy longing the days gone by.

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