WL//WH Track Of The Day: ХВОРЬ / HVOR “Виноватым будешь ты / You Will Be Guilty”

Track Of The Day ХВОРЬ

Moscow-based bedroom synth duo, ХВОРЬ / HVOR give harmful ‘bad advice’, inspired by the book for naughty children and their parents written by Grigoriy Oster, one of the most important living Russian authors of children’s books, in the first preview, titled “Виноватым будешь ты / You Will Be Guilty”, from their forthcoming sophomore album. 

Esoteric lyrics ponder privacy, manipulation, and blame from the point of view of the parent’s guilt or from the perspective of being an active or passive participant in the discipline of children.

Equally disturbing and fascinating, the duo dive into the depths of spooky, gripping, and dark coldwave through fluctuating and hypnotic rumbling bassline danger, punctuated by steady monotonous dry beats along with crispy percussive patterns, swept in eerie glowing synth swirls and winding prickling chimes to build achingly sad and nostalgic moods around dismissive, emotionless male vocals, sparsely shadowed by quivering female pain, slowly unravelling oppressive fear and anxiety into the slow creeping, hissing, tides of despair.

The video is taken from Krzysztof’ YouTube Channel of The Eastern European Synth & Post-Punk Community‘s Facebook page, a mine of news almost in real time.

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