WL//WH Track Of The Day: HUNTER AS A HORSE “Walk With Fire”

Track Of The Day Hunter As A Horse

At time relocated to Berlin, South African duo of Mia Van Wyk and Paul Gala, under the Hunter As A Horse moniker, came to my attention with the track “The Passenger”, taken for the 2016’s debut and first of the two-part EP “The Two Magics”, a distinctive and immersive mix of folk and psychedelia layered in an hazy, atmospheric and cinematic melding of sombre electronic synth moods and vibrating rhythms of stark emotional depth and visceral intensity.

Back to their homeland they started to record new material, “Walk With Fire” is the new single and title track from the upcoming new EP.

Inflamed in a lost inner battle between polar opposites, haunted, introspective, anxious vocals relentlessly ebb and flow, sparsely echoed, in sync with subtle hypnotic rhythms pulsing like the heartbeats of her obscure and uncomfortable counterpart while the bass with increasingly menacing buzz and chug builds up a smouldering and foreboding sense of isolation, uncertainty and danger challenged by clapping and thundering percussive rattles and dismal layers of synth, inevitably blurring the lines between the two beats resigned to ‘walk with fire’.

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