WL//WH Track Of The Day: HUMDRUM “Superbloom”

Track Of The Day HUMDRUM

It’s not easy to forget Chicago, IllinoisStar Tropics, a band that since 2013 delivered captivating introspective, Byrdsy Rickenbacker guitar-laden tunes, coloured with easygoing velvety girl/boy harmonies, often straddling with indie pop perfection, culminating in the memorable debut full-length, “Lost World”, in 2017.

The name changes, Humdrum, albeit not the quality of the solo venture by Star Tropics co-founder, bassist & vocalist Loren Vanderbilt III, back in the game with more urgent perky rhythms and more ringing and spiking guitars over buoyant vocalizations with a powerful and immediate melodious impact, fueled by the 6-string lead contribution of guitarist Scott Hibbits, somehow reconstituting the original-line up of the former band in both the couple of singles released so far.

A heartfelt song begging for future escapist dreams of joy and love, “Superbloom”, propelled by brisk pumping rhythms, is wreathed in melodious crackling glistening layers of jangly string shimmer flittering and chiming around restless, hopeful vocals drifting breathlessly through a glowing whirlwind of impassioned desires.

Through an organic and balanced alchemy between instruments and voice combined with a distinctive melodic prowess, Humdrum distils with painstaking accuracy a clearly nostalgic and classic, yet absolutely riveting fresh, vibrant and crystalline jangle pop, or whatever you want to call it, that warms the heart.

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