WL//WH Track Of The Day: HUMAN COLONIES “Body”

Track Of The Day  Human Colony

Although born in Bologna in 2014, only last year the Italian trio Human Colonies have achieved their debut full-length album Midnight Screamer, followed in these days by a new 4-track EP entitled “Cloudchaser and Old Songs”, via fellow independent labels MiaCameretta/Lady Sometimes, which included last month’s new single “Cloudchaser” plus other three songs taken from the first two demos of the band, entirely reworked and rearranged.

Peppered with their tense, brisk, at once melodic and captivating bold approach to guitar rock, still pervaded by hypnotic and dense reverb-infused shoegaze washes, but the edgy scuzz and fuzz of the 90s noise rock have effervescently and steadily taken over with uniquely energetic yet unaffected grace and intensity, flurrying naturally through slightly abrasive emotionally-ridden sugary introspections and driving tumultuous blasts, steadfast rhythms and embracing harmonies, somehow avoiding the predictability that too many other bands fall into facing those sonic territories.

In “Body”steady drums and dynamic bassline propel breezily, yet blistering fuzz-infused guitar melodies that shimmer and shudder along with whispery laid back vocals, echoed and interspersed by sparse soothing female harmonies, stuck in isolation and fear, relentlessly pierced by searing and wailing guitar lines building in aching intensity across a mournful, scorching coda.

Without claiming anything new, the EP’s infectious deftly balance between late 80s UK shoegaze and 90s US fuzzy noise-pop guitar sounds absolutely deserves your repeat listens…also through 50 limited beautiful shimmering coloured cassette tape available on the band’s Bandcamp.

Artwork by Guido Brualdi

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