WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOURS OF WORSHIP “Your Flesh Would Poison A Vulture”

Track Of The Day  HOURS OF WORSHIP  

New York City/Lisbon-based duo Hours of Worship are ready to drop today their second EP “The Smell of Death Surrounds You” via Faktor Music, replete with a minimal and austere, equally deep and atmospheric goth-infused dark sound that lies somewhere between the dirgier edges of darkwave and post-punk weighted down with doom and black metal undertones.

Formed in 2006 as a dark techno-adjacent project, releasing the “Into the Grass” EP on Paris’ Ekleroshock Records in 2008, after a 12-year hiatus, the band re-emerged last year with the self-released EP “Fading Away to an Empty Nothingness”. The Portuguese unit is currently active under the Wound moniker, recently featured on this blog.

The opening “Your Flesh Would Poison A Vulture”, with nods to early 80s Norwegian group Fra Lippo Lippi, unravels an obsessive tortured emotionality and shards of anguish that contemplate a boundless pitch-black abyss, oozing lingering thrills of obsessive tension, which, like the roses’ thorns from the cover, stick steadily into the heart, bleeding in a cloaking and claustrophobic vortex of bewitching dreary funereal melodies that leave no way out.

Ominous bouncing chunky bass throbs and painful piercing guitar shimmers resound achingly, instilling edgy layers of dismay and fear over sparse sharp slashing hits, amid scattered organic thudding percussions, to intersect with hypnotic low end oscillations floating into the droning, bitter and regretful slow burn of a doomed romance, swept by chilly diaphanous swathes of forlorn synths, whilst moody and evocative vocals blend dry, numb mumblings, sorrowful emotional cries, and deep melancholic echoes into a murky, morose confessional of shattered dreams.

Hours of Worship sophomore EP “The Smell of Death Surrounds You” is out today on Faktor Music, check it out!

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