WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOORAY FOR HUMANS “Forty Kinds of Snow”


The three-piece band Hooray for Humans hailing from Valladolid in the North-West of Spain have just dropped the new single, “Forty Kinds of Snow”, after a long hiatus since the well-received late 2021 debut album, “Tell Your Family and Friends that You Love Them, that will be included in the next EP scheduled to be released after the Summer. 

The trio, made of Fer F., Fran G. and Juan D., previous members or still part of local bands such as Frieda’s Still in Love, Casa, Karate Hiroshima, Winden and My Friendly Ghost, churn out introspective and deeply emotional slo-mo melodic sensibilities, devoted to the guitar-driven heritage of the US Alternative Rock from the first half of the ’90s, that falls somewhere between the somber delicacy and nostalgic melancholy of Slow-Core and loud/soft dynamics of Emo, furrowed by reverb-washed, noisy sorrowful and restless surges mined from the British shoegaze from the same period.

Detached lyrics reflect on past pain to becoming stuck in an aloof, careless mindset of ambivalent indifference.

Reminiscent of the somberly contemplative, somehow cathartic and immersive atmospherics of Seam or Bedhead, featuring Marta Vega and Marcos Astorga (of Madrid‘s indie band Marcos y Molduras) on backing vocals, “Forty Kinds of Snow” is stirred by languorous, shimmery, and introspective moods of pensive melancholy and subtle gloom, laced with an uneasy profound intensity, weaved by energetic, repetitive guitar threads, sometimes cut through by piercing creases of chord tension, fueled by steady punchy drums and rippling basslines, whilst sad, broken, lost vocals and whispery halos, weakly release claustrophobic heartache into relentless surges of despair, cloaked in cymbal-crashed emotional swells of restrained droning distortion.

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photo by Buby Rey