WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOLY SHIP “Giant Step, Small Leap”

Track Of The Day Holy Ship

Holy Ship, the project of Stockholm‘s based musician Jonatan Westh, a former member of late 00’s shoegaze band Blackstrap, with the contribution of his teen pal David Götestam on drums, has just dropped the new single “Giant Step, Small Leap”, taken from the upcoming EP “Les Deux Regards” due to be released this Spring through the NYC’s boutique label Declared Goods.

Holy Ship‘s vibrant and mesmerizing sound lies in a fertile interaction between organic and electronic instrumentation, amidst enveloping swathes of evocative blazing synth, shoegaze distorted textures, Madchester syncopated groovy rhythms, enshrouded in shimmering psychedelic dust.

Sociopathic lyrics dive into the psychological realms of manipulation, coercion, and mind games for the sake of power and glory, “Come, and take the next step for me.”

“Giant Step, Small Leap” kidnaps and drags sinuously, drawing multicoloured trails into a vibrant swaying adrenaline-fuelled, groovy ride through percussive conga loop-charged, steady trance-inducing, off-tempo rhythms along with hearty snaking bass palpitations and buzzing hallucinogenic effects, whilst brass-like bright synth expansions flash and swirl amidst dizzying, euphoric reverberations to fuel airy, silver-tongued male vocals emitting sweet and alluring deception into dark and trippy auras of mind-boggling seduction.

“Giant Step, Small Leap” is a mistifying, gripping and intriguing jam, sparkling with alluring danceable popadelic shades.

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