WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOLY SHIP “Comprehend The End”

Track Of The Day   Holy Ship

Setting sail on a soloist sonic endeavor in 2018, following the demise of his early 00s shoegaze sensation Blackstrap, the enigmatic Stockholm-based imaginative all-around frontman, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and engineer Jonatan Westh, also known as Holy Ship, surfs seamlessly along the shifting and kaleidoscopic 60s/70s/90s-fueled widened waves of Shoegaze, Kraut, Baggy, Britpop, Psychedelia, Space Rock, and Indie Dance sound glimmers, to deftly concoct a both ambitious and visionary, distinctive Psychedelic Shoegaze alchemy, through an organic interweave of expanded arrangements, building up chugging rhythmic patterns and a rich heady array of swirling and reveling dense sonic textures, striving for uplifting cosmic mind-bending energy and ecstatic majesty.

After a startling series of EPs, the Swedish musician is finally going to drop his highly-anticipated debut album, teases from the final Screamadelica-esque single, “Comprehend The End”.

Drenched in doomy, industrial-dusted yet vibrant and groovy trippy fascinations, the single flies high, rousingly charged and utterly enthralling, through the relentless addictive syncopated bounce of shuffling clattering and crispy percussions along with churning and grumbling low ends, topped by a lush sweeping maelstrom of droning guitar distortions and bright weeping keyboard flourishes, to encompass restless dreamy vocals, with soaring angsty backups, struggling to comprehend a new land of lost freedom whilst remembering, “destiny is in your hands.”

Holy Ship‘s debut album, “Beyond Frames“,  is out now on Vinyl 12” Lp & Digital formats, via Declared Goods/Go Westh

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