WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOLY PLACES “Dancing In The Shadow”

Track Of The Day  HOLY PLACES

Czech-based DIY post-punk /darkwave band, Holy Places, have emerged on Soundcloud for about a year, to constantly keep improving, particularly the last four tracks are noteworthy.

The home-recorded project from the duo delivers an atmospheric and moody strand of dark wave that embrace the gloominess and the sober melancholy of 80’s UK post-punk, Factory Records sound in particular, through a modern vision on which hover a deep, baritonal voice.

“Dancing In The Shadow” broods its uninhibited way through a delightfully somber and romantic waltz driven by a poignant and penetrating bass that pulsates sinuously within enshrouding lurking shadows of obsession and deceit, irradiated by reverb-laden crystal-icy guitar slivers and piercing twangy shimmery riffs, in a cold but strangely cosy embrace, while soft haunted male vocals breathe harrowing pain, angst, and confusion into a relentless swell of disenchantment.

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