WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOLY DRONE “Fibres”

Track Of The Day Holy Drone

After more than a year of hiatus, North West Of England‘s 5-piece Holy Drone return, as we are accustomed, with a sweet, slow-paced shoegazing dreampop new single “Fibres”, just less psychedelic than usual, pervaded with soothing melancholy and dreamlike sensuality, seemingly calm and serene, with subtle underlying layers of anxiety, and utterly endearing in its sublime immersive melodic coils.

A heartfelt introspective gaze of the inner self, as momentary shelter from the frenzy and strains of everyday life, a signature quality of The Scene That Celebrates Itself after all.

The gently oscillating breeze of glistening strummed guitars is silkily spanned by a sinuously lilting, heart-beating bassline, punctuated by hypnotic steady drum beats, while sparse radiant bursts of whining guitar leads ring out across tense dreamy female vocals gush soft ecstatic breaths of luscious affection falling into the burning strings of tumultuous love and desire.

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photo by @cal.moores