WL//WH Track Of The Day: HOFFEN “Forever, For Now”

Track Of The Day  Hoffen  

Since featuring on the blog a couple of years ago, the DIY project of musician Dali Lantzeta from México City, Hoffen, has not ceased to grow, after releasing the brilliant second album at the end of 2019, so much so as to attract the attention of the always attentive American label Cleopatra Records, which together with Young & Cold Records for Europe and Nof Records for Latin America, will take care of the band’s next releases.

Hovering between post-punk and coldwave, inspired by the 80s, Mexican artist’s melodic and intensely emotional dark sound retains a nostalgic yet fresh approach channelled into a nuanced path teetering clarity and turbidity, turbulence and serenity, fire and ice, coexisting organically, sometimes in symbiosis, sometimes in contrast, constantly enriched by deeply poignant soul-stirring lyrics.

“Si la Vida Nos Apaga”, the first track taken from the upcoming new EP “On a Beam of Light”, ponders esoterically life and death, immortality and sickness, love and apathy.

Steadily pounding snare beats trigger somberly melodic pulsing bassline snaking around the subtlety whirring wistfulness of gleaming synths and bright nostalgic flashing reverberations wavering and swirling, imbued with boundless melancholy and desolation, before unrelentingly stretching atop distorted sullen male vocals’ sorrowful release of haunted memories into the lost edges of fear.

Hoffen is going to upload a song each week. Keep your ears out for it!!!

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