WL//WH Track Of The Day: HIRUDIDAE “Spring”

Track Of The Day HIRUDIDAE

Hirudidae is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based solo project, started in late 2017 with a 6-track EP, only to reappear last year with the double A-side “In the Ice / Abyss”, that delivers ‘ghost music’. ‘Songs written for ghosts, by ghosts.’ 

A descent into an inward misty realm made of ghosts that hover towards a murky and baleful abyss bereft of light, encompass the woeful romantic shadows of 80s Goth-tinged Darkwave and Post-punk facades.

Hirudidae‘s latest single, “Spring”, deals with a sullen soul who yearns for beauty whilst haunted by an oppressive ghastly decaying aura.

The track is steadily driven by clanking and shifting rhythm patterns laced with sonorously broody humming basslines, swept by freezing fluid lonely synth wafts, pierced by ethereal effect-laden weeping guitar licks, that wander and echo, radiating a poignant sense of agonising desolation, to surround lost aching vocals, longing under a haunted spectral canopy of dire sorrow.

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