WL//WH Track Of The Day: HIERBA NEGRA “Bruma”

Track Of The Day  Hierba Negra

We get acquainted with the Colombian artist Ana Carolina Martinez a.k.a Hierba Negra on the occasion of his collaboration with fellow cold minimal synthesist Fernando Carranza, a.k.a Ferdinand Cärclash for the uncanny and hypnotic song “Danse Morte”.

The Medellin-based musician has just dropped an equally obscure and ominous, atmospheric electronic composition with neo-classical motifs, titled “Bruma” (Mist), layered in eerie harmonies and breathtaking beauty, laid out in relentless droning bass vibrations, scattered by echoing electronic snare beats, upon which powerful dazzling violin-like strings helplessly wander in dire hopeless abandon, whilst hypnotically buzzing, pulsing synth spirals, in ancestral dread, around deep, distant primal female vocalizations exhaling dark emotional energy into sinister haunting reverberations over the gloomy and murky cold mist of the wasteland.

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