WL//WH Track Of The Day: HIDDEN LINES “Heat”


Hidden Lines is an electronic music duo from Stockholm that draw in the darker, colder, and alienated yet emotional and expressive synthesized strains of the diverse Waves from the ’80s while flirting with pulsing Old-School Electro grooves, whose FinnishGermanEnglish lyrics are often melancholy and poetic, with a playful naivety.

Last weekend the Swedish act has dropped the unreleased track “Strahlst in Gedanken” on the, as usual, compelling “ZEITGEIST+” compilation on COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC, in addition to the pair’s debut single “Heat” through Leipzig-based label/collective Unterschall.

What immediately strikes the ears is a heady use of electronics through a clean, essential, emotive icy bright expansive synth sound reminiscent of early John Foxx, with a winding orchestral feel, enhanced by an alluring remote yet magnetic vocal style that ceaselessly bustles, soothes, and entrances the senses.

Dark, esoteric, and mystifying, vibrating with surges of glistening neon-lit futurist melancholy and an Italo rhythmic flair, “Heat” is driven by a throbbing, gripping bassline, meshed with hypnotic lashing snares, and crackling and crisp blasts, that throb and rumble with a relentless urgent pace against epic lonesome synth arpeggios rising in spectral fluid swirling layers, shivering in dystopian cosmic dread, to veil clear, aloof yet, tantalizing vocal airs and wicked whispers, with caressing and teasing icy-hot glimmers, to evoke desperate feelings of shadowy desire.

“Strahlst in Gedanken” breaks through the frigid hypnotic auras of “Heat” to cut mesmerizing poignant waves of melancholy and pain.

Hidden Lines‘s debut single, “Heat”, is out now on digital via Unterschall along with the “Glitzerstrahl Remix” by Majestoluxe of “Strahlst in Gedanken”, included as an exclusive bonus track in the upcoming full-album purchase. 

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Artwork by Oliver Böhler