WL//WH Track Of The Day: HIDDEN BY IVY “Light House”

Track Of The Day Hidden By Ivy

With 3 full-length albums under their belt, Polish ghost-rock / dream-pop duo Hidden By Ivy, formed in 2014 by singer/lyricist Rafał Tomaszczuk (Agonised By Love) and instrumentalist Andrzej “Andy” Turaj (God’s Own Medicine), craft an elegantly refined atmospheric electronic pop, mostly introspective and hummable, sometimes danceable, into a highly melancholic and shadowy, not less energetic, balanced blend of synthetic and organic instrumentation, combining elements of post-rock, jazz, ambient and new wave, to deliver a profound and moving listening experience.

Inspired by the pandemic period, the pensive, angsty and nocturnal, somehow inspirational, new wave/ synthpop new single, “Light House”, with hints of brightness throughout and subliminal Tears For Fears’ anthemic emotional moods, is triggered by an ominous, rumbling undulating bassline, punctuated by off-tempo clicking kicks along with mechanical snare beats, slowly awash by evocative, glowing, and slowing synths to drop the all-pervading sense of wistfulness, transcended and lit by tinkling chords, and poignant guitar twinkles, to heighten soulful, bittersweet male vocals, haloed in sparse airy backings, oozing an arousing catharsis of harmony into cool cinematic auras of brooding bliss.

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photo by Marcin Makarski