WL//WH Track Of The Day: HERLIGHTS “Toys”

Track Of The Day Herlights

Russian dreamwave band from Pskov, HERLIGHTS, keeps on delivering their captivating mixture of shoegaze, dream-pop and post-punk with slight post-rock undertones.

The four tracks from the brand new EP “Sometimes” are sprinkled with post-punkish throbbing rhythms, wistfully sparkling guitar progression, winding synth over plaintive creating bittersweet yet energetic hazy soundscapes, as strikingly heartfelt in their simplicity as they’re immersive and haunting in their melancholy intensity.

The opener “Toys” unfurls seamlessly spacious dreary breaths of synths underpinned by Joy Division-esque syncopated drum patterns and deeply smoldering, yet sometimes winding, bass pulsations, pierced by achingly reverberating guitar slivers that augmented the dreary, pensive mood of deep reflection instilled in tired, tense restrained vocals that suddenly ebb and flow, together with stinging guitar swirls and nimble drums, vibrating with fervent bold vigor and upbeat passion, as sudden harsh realities take a completely different perspective.

A man recognizes the strength endured to overcome a difficult life challenge and respectfully celebrates the wondrous achievement.

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