WL//WH Track of the Day: HERLIGHTS “Fairy Tale”

Track of the Day

Russian 4-piece Herlights, lead by musician /songwriter Sergey Yakimov, keep on refine their blend of atmospheric dream pop and sombre post-punk, this time will also make you want to dance. 

Last single “Fairy Tale” is absolutely one of their best so far. Urgent pounding drums along together with melodic bass lines interweave with a web of brittle guitars awash by wistful synths adding a frozen and deep sense of hopeless, sorrow and isolation where the grieving resonating guitar leads and pulsing rhythms accompany the distant, fainted, disconnected vocals in a seductive, dark dance of gloom.
An ironic metaphor of the cult classic “The Wizard of Oz”, wherein the mythical characters obtain lacking traits through camaraderie on a journey to the Emerald City, not from the Wizard. Alas, it’s all a dream…..
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