WL//WH Track Of The Day: HER NEW KNIFE “Schoenberg”

Track Of The Day   Her New Knife

It is not difficult to deduce, from the Nirvana poster hanging in their room, where the sonic foundations of Edgar Atencio and Elijah Ford gravitate, that early ’90s imaginary in which are seamlessly grafted shoegaze, noise rock and dream pop elements.

Tallahassee, Florida-based operatives Her New Knife craft lo-fi sinuous, layered guitar sound, introspective and dreamy, but at the same time boisterous and vibrant, saturated with reverb and distortions to deepen heartfelt and evocative confessional lyrics, through a heady balance and alternation of beautiful noise and emotional ethereality.

The duo had already made an excellent impression with their first single, “Piled Up”, at the end of last year, the debut EP “Destroza” fully confirms the good they had hinted at.

The darkest and hungriest of the lot “Schoenberg”, with the melancholia-ridden and moving “Emilio”, our favorite, is laced with psychological inner thoughts that speak with menace to an unknown source, whose secrets, lies, and hypocrisy have forged an anxious and vindictive wall of tension, amid future regrets of shame. 

Deep ominous warbling bassline vibrations fuel sturdy scattered drum beats and sparkling repetitive guitar melodies to brim desolation and distress into the sinuously seething, flooding streams of abrasive distortion while rambunctious soars and high-pitched squeaky flourishes swell around dreary, numb male vocals releasing narcotic ghost-like dread and high distorted sadness into a slow burn of latent anger.

Young, bright, and imaginative, we’ll hear more about Her New Knife

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