WL//WH Track Of The Day: HENRY HEARSE “Friends in Low Places”

Track Of The Day Henry Hearse

The musical project of New Yorker musician/producer Henry Hearse, with the contribution of Moody Romeo (Bass Guitar) and Lee Kevlar (Brass, Drums), has several irons in the fire but, judging by the first two previews, even if completely different to each other, are synthesized with deft balance and cohesion sharing distinctively minimalistic and visceral gripping qualities.

While the opener “Hydrophiinae” is as pulsing and robotic, as it is edgy and obsessive, cyber-electro-punk cut, the closer is completely a different beast, drawing influences by jagged no-wave dissonance, swampy Gun Club post-punk murkiness and sordid, turbulent The Birthday Party raw bluesiness. but from what can be understood from the teasers over his FB page also, EBM (above all), goth-tinged electro darkwave and Suicide-like synth-punk suggestions can be added to the extensive and intriguing menù.

Foreground, at the same time repetitive and solemn, doomsaying bass throbs, a blisteringly evocative sax, tinny ominous percussive drones, a devilish voice, hoarse and distorted, in a Freudian free-flow association building a possessed tirade of rhymes and alliteration, underpinned by terse and hypnotic drums to proceed in a mysterious, hypnotic, slow yet inexorable pace, shredded by piercing metallic guitar riffs, sharp, frantic, taut always restrained to the point of pent up angst, while sparse swirls of sax add an alluringly eerie middle-eastern feel and the constant menacing bass vibrations foster unsettling claustrophobic obscure emotions embodying by a relentless subdued tongue-lashing that hisses and growls, as it taunts, humiliates and tempts whoever will listen.

A dense, immersive, tantalizing sound, pervaded by a raw obscure and gloomy intensity whose disturbing echo will reverberate deeply into the deepest recesses of your mind.

Henry Hearse‘s debut 6-track EP “VALET” is due to be released digitally on October 31, 2019, I bet also on physical format via a record deal by that time.

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