WL//WH Track Of The Day: HELENS “Reverie”

Track Of The Day   HELENS

Although the first 3-tracker dates back to 2015, for 3/4 with a different line-up and strong Emo leanings, only starting from the end of 2019 the Portland, Oregon-based Dream Pop /Shoegaze band Helens started to do things with a somewhat relaxed yet meticulously solid regularity through a couple of well-received EPs, to finally announce the long-awaited debut album, “Somewhere In Nowhere”, the fruit of 2020 recording sessions recorded in Colorado with producer Corey Coffman (Gleemer).

Over the years, Helens has been up to develop an invigorating and sparkling reverb-filled atmospheric guitar sound without being a mere throwback, which, as the finest 90’s shoegaze has clearly shown, just think of MBV, Pale Saints or Lush, organically combines and doses sweetness and roughness, contemplation and tension, ethereality and texture, laced with a distinctive melodic sensitivity.

“Somewhere In Nowhere” LP artwork

The core trio of the band’s founder, guitarist & vocalist Jordan Portlock along with bassist/vocalist Aspen Koch, and drummer Julian Boyd (plus recently guitarist Zac Olsen as a live member), return a short distance from the vibrant, bittersweet and lyrically romantic first preview “Mirage Rock”, haunted by a murkily droning bassline and noisy distorted 6-strings, with a new single, “Reverie”, that switches to explore dreamy, longing and pensive auras, fluctuating and echoing over a subtly dense disillusion of heartbreak and despair.

Equally resonant and drowsy, “Reverie” sways over erratic drums, shimmering, penetrating and crisp guitar riffs, lush radiant ripples and serpentine warm bass vibrations,o wrap around numb, ecstatic dual vocals dropping exhausted breathes of sadness and angst into oscillating moods of turmoil and distrust.

Helens‘ 10-track debut album, “Somewhere In Nowhere”, is due to be released on November 11, 2022, in Digital and 12″ Vinyl formats, the latter via fellow label Bud Tapes.

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Shot by Cori Mccullough