WL//WH Track Of The Day: HEIMBERG “Endless Lies”

Track Of The Day  HEIMBERG

Strasbourg-based, French threesome HEIMBERG continue to tweak and shape their 80s-rooted Post-Punk / Coldwave sound with a new home-recorded single, “Endless Lies”, following last year’s remarkable first 3-song EP “Isolation”.  

A nightmarish realm of dark memories where abandonment and “Endless Lies” slowly erode a traumatized soul unto death.

Skipping bursts of a hard-hitting drum machine and ominous cavernous bassline spasms build a bleak yet throbbing heartbeat, punctuated by effect-filled blazing guitars that vibrate and echo with searing despair and swaying melancholy together with deeply haunted vocals rising, falling, and screaming in hopeless agony, amid relentless, resonant cutting splinters of excruciating pain.

A both vibrant and stripped down, as well as visceral and poignant re-elaboration of worshipped Post-punk sounds to find plenty to enjoy.

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