WL//WH Track Of The Day: HEIMBERG “Crows”

Track Of The Day  HEIMBERG

Familiar over these shores, the young French threesome HEIMBERG return with the first preview, “Crows”, from their sophomore 4-track “Blind Eye” EP, scheduled to be released on May 1, 2024.

A song about loss of faith, the insidious force replacing it, and the retribution that follows, “The crows are coming”, the band have further blackened their swirling and moody 80s-smeared dark Post-punk sound with menacing gritty, grumbling low ends that flawlessly come together with highly-effected ethereal and searing epic guitar work and shadowy forlorn vocals, to build an intensely magnetic ominous foreboding groove.

Relentless stark thumping drum beats drive corrosive murky basslines, churning menacingly, throbbing and scratching against pain-fueled bleeding guitar melodies, excruciatingly refracting atop deeply haunting spectral vocals, to long and writhe, swept by icy dim synth desolation, in desperate anticipation.

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