WL//WH Track Of The Day: HEARTS AND ROCKETS “Square Eyes”

Track Of The Day  Hearts and Rockets

Meeting in Sidney around 2010, while they played in different bands, and sharing a common love for Ramones, Kalindy Williams (vocals, guitar and synth) and Kurt Eckardt (bass, beats and vocals), relocated to Melbourne, began to write short, straightforward, high-energy, dancing punk songs under the Heat Wave moniker through the DIY label/zine Psychic Hysteria, previously started by Kurt himself for his solo project Astral Skulls.
Since 2018 the duo changed their name to Hearts and Rockets playing a mightily infectious, heady combination of Pop, Punk, Post-punk and New Wave, at times sprinkled with goth and disco leanings, dubbed ‘Bratwave’.

Following a couple of full-length albums and a string of singles, the band have dropped the first release of 2021 in the form of a new single, “Square Eyes”, taken from the upcoming Cassette/Digital 4-track TV EP “TV is Boring”, due on November 26, 2021 via Psychic Hysteria.

“Square Eyes”, featuring confessional lyrics that explore the dangerous and hypnotic effects of binge-watching T.V., is driven forward by a fast-paced, chunky and chugging bassline to cut through jittery and syncopated beats and sparse crisp claps, keeping the wiry voltage relentlessly high, stabbed by an obsessive whirlwind of glaring, flashing synth riffs atop energetic, bratty female yelps and robotic male back-ups, unbridling angry anxieties and numb pain into alarming hypnosis of fear.

Hearts and Rockets keep on delivering a heartfelt passionate punk drive and distinctive sensibility for infectious, killer hooks, don’t miss out on the new EP.

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