WL//WH Track Of The Day: HATTOMAN “The Ballad Of John”

Track Of The Day Hattoman

Hailing from Paris, French mixing machines and Bass VI lovers duo Hattoman bring a healthy dose of heavily reverbed distorted guitars, throbbing bass, evocative synths and punchy drumbeats into a genre-shifting gloomy and melodic yet dynamic 80s tinged dark sound joining the dots between post-punk, new wave and coldwave, laced with lo-fi flair, where, wistful and enticing melody and morose and dismal atmosphere gel seamlessly with both abrasive and immersive heartfelt energy.

Obsessive tight percussive rhythm and mechanical snares pulse along with seethingly cold deep bassline, poignant melancholy airy synth washes and reverb-filled repetitive shimmering guitar melodies, amid eroding feelings of bleak alienation, isolation and malaise, as they burst into a reiterated yet restrained mournfully searing guitar leads bleeding on top, echoing haunted, desperate dual vocals, eliciting sorrow and depression, fighting the unavoidable reality within, of a man finding himself just “staring at the pavement”.

The work-in-progress 7-track debut EP “Shadow People” has just been completed, check it out!

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