WL//WH Track Of The Day: HAT.AWA “set.ra”

Track Of The Day нат.аша  

German one-man project based in Leipzig, нат.аша, is back, after some time off, with one of his usually cryptic titled tracks, “set.ra”, typical of his doomy and melancholic minimalistic synth-driven darkwave laced with ‘mind crawling’ lyrics.

Fast paced, danceable wistful and depressive electro-wave melodies, alternating at times with atmospheric, obscure reflective slowed downs, built on carpets of cold throbbing synths, driving drum machines, emotional detached, forlorn vocals, along with sporadic mists of dim light that creep into the lingering gloom of the soundscapes, to take on bittersweet nostalgic nuances, creating a heartfelt rollercoaster of tormented angsty feelings, reckoning with and somehow exorcising his own personal demons.

Regarded as the artist’s personal answer to his previous tune “e.nde”, lyric-wise “set.ra” broods hopelessly in a limbo of depression and fear at the hands of inner struggles’ unrelenting grip.

Stumbling punchy beats along with undulating, buzzing basslines bounce incessantly, surrounded by eternal abandoned whining synth swathes, whilst obsessive high-pitched squiggly loops swirl over haunted, ghostly, shame-filled vocals invoke pain, suffering, and dread into a distorted abyss of toxic emotions.

The DIY visuals show a gritty, urban industrial imagery that merges and expands into heady kaleidoscopic visions to blur time and space into haunting, spinning dimensions of abandoned ruin and decay

нат.аша is back on the cemetery, more tracks and updates will follow soon. ‘Stay tot but mentally healthy’. 

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