WL//WH Track Of The Day: HANGWIRE “The Absurd”

Track Of The Day  HANGWIRE

It was certainly an important year for Hangwire, the, now apparently decreased to a foursome, Post-Punk Revival band from Montevideo, Uruguay, crowned by a more than satisfying debut album “Farewell”, comprised of ten both atmospheric and spiky, heartfelt songs poised between shadows and light, where passion and romanticism ceaselessly meld with darkness and despair.

A classic guitar-driven sound, which, while existing within a spectrum of easily recognizable inspirational references, from the 80s UK of The Cure, Joy Division and so on, to the more recent Interpol or Editors, the South American group is educated enough to spice their songs with shimmery 90′ Shoegaze textures, intriguing pop sensibilities and thought-provoking literary lyrics.

On the same path the new single, “The Absurd”, deals with painful lyrics capturing the thoughts of someone struggling to leave a relationship that never made sense in the first place.

Driven by steady hypnotic drum beats, the track weaves an evocative and dazzling tapestry of deeply emotional obsessively echoing guitar phrasing, underlied by a relentless thrumming and meandering bassline, whilst reflective, anxious vocals, try desperately to break free from a vibrant nostalgic sea of regret.

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