WL//WH Track Of The Day: HANGWIRE / BUCLE “The Collector”

Track Of The Day  HANGWIRE / BUCLE

Montevideo-based, Uruguayan Post-punk revival band Hangwire open their annual account with the new single, “The Collector”, in collaboration with fellow musician Martin García de Zuñiga, aka Bucle, on the songwriting and production duties, opting to put aside the guitars from their predominant role that defines their take on Post-punk, in favor of heavy use of synthesizers and keyboards, delving into the haunting atmospherics of early ’80s UK electronic-soaked New Wave and Synth-Pop.

“The Collector” introspects on the invisible forces that hide in the shadows to influence the human psyche.

Relentlessly punctuated by a throbbing and chugging murky backdrop of mechanical thumping drum beats, sparse crispy claps, along ominously buzzing basslines, an icy cold desolate whirlwind of stacking and rolling chiming keys, intersecting with wailing drifting synths, resonate with solemn deep melancholy atop over numb, restless layered vocals, releasing angst and dread under the perpetual glowing haze of the neon lights.

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Photo: @joaquinds_77